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Pencil Case
When your children go to school, they obviously need a Pencil case. This way they can always bring their own pens and colored pencils. With us you will find children's cases of all kinds of fun cartoon characters. We have something for everyone. Our sturdy school cases are big enough for all the things your children need to bring to school. You can of course also choose to buy a school pouch that matches your backpack! Of course it looks super nice if your My Little Pony pencil case fits perfectly with your My Little Pony backpack. Do you race to the classroom with a Cars pencil case or do you stay cheerful all day thanks to the smiles of the girls from K3?


Children's pencil cases for boys and girls
At you will find the nicest school sets for both boys and girls. For example, we have a cool Cars pouch for boys. But the children's cases of Fireman Sam, Mickey Mouse and Pokémon are also very popular with the boys. Girls more often choose a real girlish pencil case with lots of pink, such as those from Frozen, Disney's Fairies or My Little Pony. You can choose to have the same pencil case as your bestie or give your bestie the same pencil case as you have. A school pencil case is a super nice birthday present and what could be more fun than sitting next to each other in the school desk with the same pencil case?


School sets in the range has a very wide range of pencil cases for school. At the school we see the most popular film and TV heroes for children. Many different types of cases can be found on the website. In addition to the school cases where you can store your own things, you can also opt for a pencil case where all the things are already in it. Very handy! And of course you can also order these easily and quickly on