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Match your wallet with your backpack
Do you already have a nice backpack or other bag? Then you also want to have enough things to take with you in this bag. Firstly, your own wallet cannot be missing. Because keeping your money loose in a large backpack is of course not a good idea. There is a good chance that you will lose it. That is a huge waste. But if you immediately order a matching wallet with your backpack, that cannot happen. For example, K3 has an extensive range of backpacks with of course a nice children's wallet. Take a quick look at our range to see which Disney characters or other children's heroes can fit your money. For example, choose a girls wallet from Minnie Mouse. or a boy's wallet from FC Barcelona. Anyway, you can find a nice girls or boys wallet on


Go shopping with your own children's wallet
If you have your pocket money properly stored in your wallet, you can go shopping safely! Or if you go to the cinema with your boyfriends and girlfriends, you can buy popcorn yourself. And if the weather is nice you can get an ice cream in the ice cream parlor. But even if you are still too small to go away alone, having your own children's wallet is great fun to play with. Decorate your own shop at home and make your own coins from cardboard, for example. Invite your boyfriends and girlfriends to come shopping. With a real wallet it looks like you are actually going to do some shopping.


A children's wallet from has a very nice selection of children's wallets in its range. You can see the most popular children's film or series heroes in the selection. All wallets have a friendly price and so there is also some money left to keep in your new wallet. Whether you choose a girls wallet from K3, Lulupop & the Cutiepies or a boys wallet from Cars, Spiderman or Pokémon, it will be a party to store or spend your money in this children's wallet.