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A school backpack is super handy
Every child needs a school backpack. A school backpack from is ideal to take all your school stuff with you. The school backpacks have a spacious main compartment and are equipped with extra storage compartments. So you always have enough space for all your notebooks, books and writing utensils. And your bread, snacks and drinks fit in effortlessly. Everything you need for a day at school is easily carried in one bag. So you don't have to carry anything loose. So you won't forget anything!


Cool backpack for school
Of course, all school backpacks from are not only functional but also very cool. You will find many nice brands in the assortment. These brands ensure that a backpack for school is very recognizable for children. Each school backpack has a nice image of a famous children's program or Disney movie. For boys you can buy a cool school backpack from Spiderman. Looking for a school backpack for a girl? Take a look at the school backpack of Minnie Mouse or the Disney Princesses. For older children you can choose hip models from Jansen & Tilanus or Milky Kiss. Check out our complete range and discover the best school backpacks on!


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