Fair and sustainable innovations have long been important focal points for Kidzroom. Because how we act today determines how we live tomorrow. The sustainable products of Kidzroom are made with extra attention for the planet. We use high-quality, sustainably sourced materials. For example, we have backpacks made of recycled polyester, also known as rPET. We also work together with Waste2Wear on a sustainable assortment. The advantage of using recycled polyester is that less petroleum is needed in its production. Moreover, the CO2 emissions are lower and fewer chemicals are used. As a result, the carbon footprint of our sustainable products is smaller than for products made from new polyester materials.

On this page you will find all our sustainable items within our brands and collections. We have eco-friendly collections and collections in collaboration with Waste2Wear. These collections are made of sustainable material: namely recycled polyester. Old plastic bottles are converted into new fabric. From this we make our beautiful and sustainable items. Besides sustainable backpacks, we also have sustainable nappy bags, so your customers can go on the road with a good feeling.


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