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Not just a backpack, but a 3D backpack
Children have had an idol from an early age and are eager to show it to everyone. Of course, their idols really come into their own on a 3D backpack from Whether it is the beautiful girls of K3 or Frozen, the cute ponies of My Little Pony, the funny Peppa Pig or the cool Spiderman, they are all even cooler in a 3D backpack.

3D backpacks of famous Disney heroes
Kids love Disney characters or other superheroes from TV series, comics and movies. They don't like anything better than their 3D backpack with their favorite hero or heroine at school. Whether it is the tough Lightning McQueen, the Disney princesses or superheroes like Spiderman or the Avengers. has a very wide range of children's most popular heroes. These start with Bumba, Peppa Pig, K3, Frozen and for the older children FC Barcelona, Pokémon and the Avengers.


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Looking for the coolest range and most extensive choice of 3D backpacks? Then you've come to the right place at has 3D backpacks from the most beautiful, funniest and toughest child heroes, such as Pokémon, the Avengers or a real racing car model for the boys and the Disney princesses, Frozen or K3 ladies for the girls.