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For every new-born parent, a diaper bag or a diaper backpack is an indispensable item when you go out with your little one. You'll always need the essentials and you'll want to pack them in one bag. Your favourite new diaper bag should have room for fresh nappies, wipes, a bottle, dummy and clean clothes. All Kidzroom nappy bags have this in mind! In addition to large main compartments, the bags also have front pockets suitable for small items such as keys, a wallet and telephone.

The perfect nappy bag from Kidzroom

Kidzroom aims to provide not only children but also parents with trendy and durable items that will allow the whole family to create the most beautiful memories. No wonder then that our slogan is "Explore More". After all, there are countless ways to explore more. With the Kidzroom nappy bag collection we bring fashion meets function. A Kidzroom nappy bag is anything but dull. Our fashionable nappy bags and rucksacks are equipped with all the necessary conveniences, such as a changing mat, cup holders, buckles to attach the bag to the pram, a spacious main compartment and the necessary inner pockets. Kidzroom is a great place to find the perfect nursery bag for your little one.

Our experience and fashion sense also allows newborn dads to succeed at Kidzroom. Our diaper backpacks collection consists of sturdy, simple backpacks that every father wants to walk the streets with! So as parents, you can always divide the tasks well.

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There are countless ways to make great memories together, because young children derive pleasure from the smallest things, such as going for a walk in the woods, jumping from puddle to puddle or admiring animals. All you have to do is appreciate the beauty of the simple, everyday things together. That is where the most valuable and heart-warming memories are found. That is why "Explore More" is the way to wear your favourite Kidzroom item.

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As you can read, Kidzroom is the right place for your new favourite backpack, diaper bag, umbrella, bedding or storage bag. The items from Kidzroom are truly unique items. So are you looking for a backpack for your child or a nappy bag with all the conveniences? Kidzroom has all the products you need! Do you shop before noon? Then your order will be dispatched the same working day. You do not even have to pay shipping costs for orders above 50 euro!