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The benefits of gym bags
As children get older, they are often expected to bring more things to school. For example, they receive gym lessons for which they have to bring their own sportswear and possibly shower supplies. To prevent your child's school bag from smelling musty because of worn sportswear, an extra gym bag is not a superfluous luxury. At you can also go for special gym bags. These have an air-permeable and breathable fabric. The musty odors will disappear quickly. The gym bags from our range are also easy to carry in several ways. This way they can be combined well with the other school bag. The gym bag can for example be worn as a backpack, over one shoulder or simply by hand.


Girls and boys gym bags
Whatever your child is a fan of, in the range you will find a nice gym bag for every child. Looking for a nice gym bag for girls? Then you've come to the right place! For example, we have pink gym bags or other cheerful colors. And for boys we also have cool gym bags from, for example, FC Barcelona and Spiderman.

Multifunctional gym bag child order online at
The gym bags for girls and boys are not only handy for carrying gym equipment, they are also suitable for football training or just a day out. Let your child choose their own bag or surprise them with a gym bag of their favorite (cartoon) character and you will see that they will no longer leave the house without a bag. Handy and fun at the same time! Order quickly and easily at