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Waist bags are completely back in fashion
The belt bag is back with a vengeance. In the past, the waist bag was mainly bought because it was very practical to store your money or travel documents when you were on vacation. After that, we only saw the waist bag again with older hikers and for a long time it was not done to wear a waist bag. We saw the bum bag for the first time in a fashionable appearance with hip youngsters at festivals. Very logical because you can easily store all your important items from money to tickets and your phone in a waist bag. This way you keep your hands free to walk around, dance and eat. Where the waist bag was always worn around the hip (as the name suggests), we see a completely different way of wearing during the revival. The waist bag is worn diagonally over the shoulder and under the arm.


Cool and practical
Since the hipsters have put the bum bag all the way back on the map, it is no longer nerdy to wear a bum bag. And that's a good thing because the bum bag is not only a cool, new addition to your outfit, a bum bag is also super practical. A waist bag usually also has separate compartments on the inside so that you can easily and safely store keys, money or your phone. A bum bag can always be made to fit to be worn on your hip or over your shoulder thanks to the adjustable strap.


Different types of waist bags at has many different types of waist bags, including Genshii and Milky Kiss in its range. One of the bum bags are very festive and made of materials with a more luxurious finishing such as velvet touch, faux-leather or sparkling details. Whichever waist bag you choose, you can order it easily and quickly at Order on working days before 1 p.m. and your order will be shipped the same day.