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Nice children's bags
A bag is one of the first accessories you need when you go out with your child. A small backpack is perfect as a children's bag to transport small supplies for the playgroup or daycare center. In addition, there are also larger models of children's bags or children's backpacks for the higher groups after the kindergarten. A children's bag for these groups of primary school often has a larger main compartment and can therefore store a little more stuff than the smaller variant of children's bags. In these children's bags there is also room for an agenda, homework or crafts. Children's bags are made by famous Disney characters such as Frozen, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, but also popular children's heroes from TV such as Bumba and Fireman Sam.


Ladies bags
A wide collection of ladies' bags is also available for young girls and ladies at There are many different types of ladies' bags for many different occasions. A ladies bag can be a shopper, bucket bag, shoulder bag, clutch, belt bag or waist bag. The ladies' bags are made of faux-leather, velvet touch and nylon or polyester. There are sporty ladies' bags that are super easy for the gym or very comfortable to wear for a day of shopping. Are you looking for a more festive bag with special details such as pearls, rosettes or a link chain as a shoulder strap and you are planning to make an indelible party impression here, then you have come to the right place at Whatever type of ladies bag you are looking for, has a large collection of bags for women from brands such as Milky Kiss and Genshii.


Large assortment of bags from
You can easily and quickly shop bags for children, women and men at The bags at are made of all kinds of materials such as polyester, nylon and faux-leather. Feel free to view the complete collection of bags and order a suitable bag safely and quickly at